This Outsunny wooden grow house is a great addition to any gardener. Cold frames for garden clearance is made from fir wood and polycarbonate panels, with 2 shelves to place plants. This clean to greenhouse is ideal to keep the temperatures cool for the summer and warm in the winter. The cold frame for garden comes complete with 2 shelves, top access opening and double doors for forward opening. Our indoor growing tent is a great solution for any gardener and ideal for any time of the year.


  • Ideal for early sowings, cuttings, and over-wintered plants
  • Stylish and sturdy compact wooden design greenhouse
  • Made from fir wood frame and polycarbonate panels
  • 1cm thick UV proof PC board walls with flip-top hinged lid
  • With 2 wood shelves for added storage space
  • 2 front opening doors Galvanized metal parts for rust proofing
  • Assembly required

8 reviews for 3-tier Wooden Cold Frame Grow House – Greenhouse with Planting Storage Shelves

  1. katrina weldon

    Very basic

  2. Lizzybean578

    Didn’t give 5 stars, the bolts are tiny and fiddly and because they don’t close the doors well, there is a tendency for the doors to warp. The sturdier bolts which we have since replaced and fitted ourselves have solved the problem.

  3. George

    The final product does what it says, but the construction is awkward due to lack of pilot holes. The pencil lines for the shelving was off and had to be ignored.We used a lot of wood glue to fix the splintering caused by the staples and screw hole locations.

  4. Elaine Eaton

    It arrived a Day early though some pieces missing i had already started to build it.It is fairly sturdy not had any wind yet.

  5. Mr. J. G. M. Leith

    Expected higher quality for the price felt like all the cost corners had been cut to the bone.

  6. LorraineLorraine

    Read all the reviews, lots saying it was cheap n nasty. It is what it is. Arrived on time, no damages, holes in all the right places. Ok ….some edges didnt line up perfectly, but its for seeds! We are not great gardeners and it will suit us perfectly. Put it next to wall and bench so hopefully the wind wont catch it. Instructions were fine, i am 57 female and made it up on my own in an hour!!! Happy with it.

  7. jill watson-brown

    It is a good size and what i was looking for. Just a shame the nails are not long enough, my hinges are all ready falling off. The shelves are flimsy and only tacked together, one fell apart when i lifted it so had to nail it myself. So recommend getting better nails.

  8. Laura B.

    No matter what the price, all similar greenhouses all seem to have similar reviews so I went for this as it was the cheapest. Yes it’s a little flimsy and the holes for construction aren’t all pre-drilled but it was easy enough to put together and it seems sturdy enough, the wood is treated. See how it lasts through frosts and squirrels climbing on it! But it seems OK for the money to keep my plants alive through winter

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