Little on space, yet love to grow plants? Then this compact ground greenhouse from Outsunny is for you. A steel frame for a sturdy structure so it keeps in shape, fitted with a plastic cover to protect inside from light-moderate wind and rain. The two top windows allow air inside and roll up and stay in place. Finished with a 10cm extended edge to bury into the soil for extra staying power.


  • Mini greenhouse for growing almost anywhere – porches, patios, balconies and other garden and outdoor spaces
  • Zipped windows roll up to stay in place
  • PE plastic cover for protection light wind, rain and birds
  • 10cm extended to bury into soil
  • Grey edge banding for stronger cover and durability
  • Assembly required

10 reviews for Mini Greenhouse for Plant, Flower, Herbs – 120cmx60cmx60cm

  1. Pangolynx

    Bought to cover the major part of one of my Veg truggs to keep off those “pesky sparrows” that take such a keen interest in my tender leaf salad plants as they start to grow. Works very well.

  2. rebecca

    What a great little buy for my growing lettuce, after one lot was devoured by pigeons I needed to get something to keep them safe. This doesn’t look out of place in the garden because it isn’t intrusive, but very handy for growing my salads.

  3. Sonnies

    Loved my product, would buy it again. Thicker material to avoid tears, good zip stitching and easy to assemble and light to move

  4. mrs anita glenning

    It’s easy to put up as I have arthritis I am using it for seed’s and growing plants on

  5. MollyMolly

    Not difficult to put together but the instructions don’t fully explain what is what or where everything goes. The cover is also a pain to put on. Had to try several times as I thought I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t, it’s just very tight and ripped in two places. I’ve another one to put together so hopefully that’ll be more successful.

  6. Angela Docherty

    It was ideal for my small garden, easily torn no results or signs of growth yet

  7. samantha

    I bought this to help mature my veg seed trays I’d planted and it’s worked a treat really simple to put together nice thick plastic cover would definitely recommend

  8. C. Downes

    Only took a few minutes to assemble this. Bags containing the metal rods are numbered. The plastic connectors are the usual green type. The fit is good without them being too tight or two loose. The zipped openings are ok. This was a replacement for a large one which our cat used as a climbing frame and it had to go. The cover is very like all the other types available and appears strong. For the price we are very pleased with the mini greenhouse.

  9. Anna Deren

    small but perfect for herbs, you don’t put pepper or tomatoes there- too small

  10. logan boo

    Good quality product, strong and easy to build

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