An ideal solution from Outsunny for gardening hobbyist who want to keep the plant warm and safe but don’t want to build a permanent one. Using the solar energy, the greenhouse can maintain a temperature ideal for plant growth with the help of 8 breathable roll up windows. Constructed from galvanized steel frame offering added stability while 4 ropes and stakes are included for added safety.


  • Built from steel tube frame and PE cloth in “tunnel” style
  • 4 x 2 x 2 m of greenhouse helps you create your very own indoor garden
  • Weather-resistant cover ensure all your plants are protected from unsuitable weather conditions
  • 8 breathable and roll-up windows allow for easy air access
  • Durable frame allows easy mobility when changing location
  • Zippered doors offer smooth entry and exit
  • Includes 4 ropes and 4 stakes for added stability

7 reviews for Polytunnel Walk-in Greenhouse with Zip Door and Windows

  1. Mr N Howarth

    A goog small poly tunnel but has ripped after the fist season. The plastic at the bottom which you are supposed to bury is not long enough so I would suggest sinking the whole frame a good 6 inches below the ground.

  2. Tongogara Kufazvinei

    I can see a great chang to plants because of this green house

  3. Chas1950

    It’s a lovely poly tunnel but lacks adequate attachments fit the tarpaulin to the frame. I had to add multiple cable ties to stabilise the structure in wind.

  4. doughboy

    Easy to assemble and a sturdy frame, plastic cover could be made a bit longer so you can weight it down and the ties that you tie to the frame are not very strong and come away from cover easily

  5. groomy

    will do the job, if you anchor down well each corner, and bury the skirt of the cover well.I dug it in and covered with heavy slabs.make sure the cover is tight and does not flap about, because if it rubs on the frame then holes will appear.Its a two man job to assemble.

  6. Peter mcallister

    Bought this for during the lock down. I picked this as they are built using screws not plastic T and cross pieces like some of the other versions. Was very easy to build, I just needed the help of my 11y old to hold som pieces while I fitted others. Seemed sold enough and the cover fitted well. I built raised beds and secured it into the ground by digging it in and claiming the raised beds to it. Without it being secured via another method over what’s supplied I would expect it to be blown away with any high winds.Only had it a week but over all very happy with it especially for the prices, the frame is a good base even if I need to re cover in a year or two.

  7. DeclanDeclan

    It is a good product. I drove wooden stakes in each corner to secure it down and it doesnt seem like it will be going anywhere. The only problem I am having with it is keeping the plastic tight. It stretches very easly with the wind. Also the bolts at the top have poked holes in it that need repair.

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