This wall-mounted home gym with two pulleys is equipped with a lat pull-down bar and a low cable pull-up bar and will allow you to train all major muscle groups of the body. This cable pull-up station is made of strong steel for durability and stability and can support up to 120 kg in weight plates. Its handles are made of soft material for an improved grip. The home gym can be easily mounted to a wall with the included mounting accessories. Assembly is easy.

6 reviews for Wall-mounted Home Gym with 2 Pulleys

  1. Amazon Customer

    Very smooth ideal for small space

  2. John

    Surprisingly good. Definitely value for money. Install it high enough on the wall and you can pretty much do any exercise that you can with a cable machine. I used to hog the cable machine at the gym that I no longer have the time to go to and wanted something that meant I could use the many weights I’ve accumulated over the years and still keep in shape, with the standard bench press. Smooth as well (bit of WD40 to aid it) and it doesn’t seem to reduce the weight ratio so even smallish weights seem to pack a punch. Wasn’t expecting much so I’m pleasantly surprised.

  3. DR484

    Used once and so far, so good. I bought this because I can’t really replicate this exercise with free weights. It takes 40kg no problem and feels like it will take more (max 100kg according to label on product).It would be good if it came with a bumper or additional locks for the inside of the weight bar. My 10kg weight plates catch on the screw attaching the lower pulley wheel – it took me a few seconds to work out why I couldn’t budge it.Also, if you use the lower bar, you will have to detach the upper one to stop it hitting the weights. Not much of a hassle, just something I hadn’t thought of when I purchased it.Overall, very happy with it and will have to see how it handles regular use.

  4. D Robbins

    Basically, this piece of kit is excellent, doesn’t take up much room, pretty versatile and certainly heavy duty enough for myself at home (in the garage). I have it mounted to a very solid wall so no worries about anything coming adrift; not sure I’d be quite as confident if mounted to an internal partisan type wall. The plastic slide mechanism works better (smoother) than I expected, the only negative thing to point out is the pulley brackets themselves are not completely straight so when attached to the main frame are off center slightly. Despite this, I haven’t had any problems with smooth action or any sign of cable wear yet. One thing I am very careful with is when swapping from upper pulley exercises to lower pulley and making sure the cable is running over the pulley wheel and doesn’t slip down the side when weight is added. Other than that, well worth the money and I would definitely buy again.

  5. Mark 🙈🙉🙊

    Easy to assemble and feels sturdy to use.Slide action is quite good considering but improved with WD40 or silicone spray to make the action even smoother. Lower pulley bolt could catch on weight plates depending on what type you use I’d recommend 25mm inner diameter rubber washers ( available on eBay) one or two on each side of the pole works perfectly.Handles supplied are adequate for use , cables appear OK , pulleys ok for the price £60 ish I’d say you would.find it hard to find better value ! Especially as you get high and low pulley functionality with no weight plate swing !

  6. PetePete

    Life saver during lockdown. I packed there some weight too around 40kg each side and it worked fine! Amazing!

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