LARGE WALK-IN GREENHOUSE: Heavy duty greenhouse is an ideal way to extend your growing season while easily managing your plants in garden polytunnel and protecting them from cold.

DRAINAGE/CIRCULATION FUNCTION: 1 Large opening adjustable roll-up window on each side of the tunnel greenhouse for cross ventilation on hot days and drain away water and reduce pressure to the greenhouse outdoor frame.

GREEN PE COVER: Fully closed waterproof UV resistant PE cover maintains high humidity levels for growing tropical plants and allow nourishing sunlight to pass through this large polytunnel.

HEAVY-DUTY STEEL FRAME: This large greenhouse is constructed with a heavy duty galvanised steel frame in stable build, resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping and peeling. 2 extra supporting rods to add this polytunnel large stability and make the greenhouse tunnel more stable..

DIMENSIONS: Poly tunnels Gardening Overall Size: 3.81L x 2.92W x 1.97H M
Door Size: 84W x 184H cm. Assembly Required.

NOTE: Not suitable for bad weather conditions.

6 reviews for 4 x 3M Walk-in Garden Polytunnel Greenhouse – Galvanised Steel

  1. Amazon Customer

    Managed to assemble with help.luckily I d copied instructions and laminated as the paper very thin. Frame was not as sturdy as I’d expected,but has now stayed upright through the storms.the cover fastenings came away from the cover so it blew off and ripped in places.the door fastener handle did not work at all,the door blew open overnight and bent frame and husband helped get it back on and bend it to fit the doorway,now warped.he fixed extra poles and hooks and eyes and a chain to secure the door. T he company issued me with a refund or a replacement quite quickly which I have used to fix and strength en .it.i also now have webbed straps holding the poly tunnel cover on which are anchored in the ground

  2. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Assembly instructions little difficult to read from the pictures, front section had holes in wrong orientation, so had to drill new to suit.Overall about 3 hours to assemble, will wait to see what the Scottish weather throws at it 😉🤗

  3. Andy

    To begin with the assembly instructions are not very clear. Assembly of the frame was not too bad. The fixing of the sheet to the frame is bad with no where enough velcro straps and none at all on the bottom . The windows do not do up so I will have to add more velcro to seal them.. the door is bad with the cover and hinge holes not fitting. I’ve had polly tunnels before and none have been this bad. Would I buy again absolutely NOT


    It does need securing, I have 10 stakes hammered into the ground which I have tied the upright poles too. The cover needs securing to the ground too. I used big rocks simply because I have a lot of these in my garden.The cover has velcro ties securing it to the frame but after one storm, most these broke off, after two, I think there was only one left attached! It also tore on a few seams but I sewed these back up, used duct tape and re-secured using cable ties. Yes it did mean making some holes in the cover but there were a few after the two storms anyway. By the third storm, I could see it was secure.My only problem is the door, It has a gap of a few inches at the top, is slightly sloped and I can’t improve on it. I even pulled it apart a few times to see if putting it together another way would work better. I may have to make a wooden door frame I think for it to close properly.In all, put the effort into securing it and I think this will last me a few years now. Overall, I’m pleased with it. I also managed to put it up by myself but it’s quite a job for one!Edit:The pictures are after 3 pretty bad storms so yes, the frame is a little warped, but that is due to it not being secured sufficiently for the first 2 storms.EDIT no 2: After one year there are many little holes in the green cover, and the mesh (windows) ripped away from the rest of the cover. I’ve managed to attach the bit below the mesh to the frame and secured the flaps shut, to hold it in place and I reckon it won’t last another year!

  5. Lynne

    The door frame was difficult to fit its cover on as avery tight fit with no holes to fit the hinges through. Good value for money despite the door .

  6. Anonymous

    Dislike….thin cover and velcro ripped near the door after being up just a very short time.Definitely not worth the money.

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