Private space for your cat, with added convenience

  • Safe and Secure: Cats are hypervigilant animals, and this litter box provides them with a private and secure space to do their business. The enclosed lid ensures that they feel safe and undisturbed while using the tray.
  • Odour Control: No more unpleasant smells! The included lid effectively contains unwanted odours, keeping your home fresh and clean. Additionally, an air freshener is provided to maintain a pleasant scent in the area.
  • Portable and Space-saving: This foldable litter tray is designed to be highly convenient. It takes up minimal room, making it easy to transport wherever you and your cat go. Perfect for travel or simply moving it from room to room.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Cleaning the litter box is a breeze with the included scoop. Lift the lid to access the inside and maintain cleanliness. The scoop can be conveniently placed on the outer hood so that you never misplace it. Thanks to the high-edge design, litter is contained within the tray, preventing messy splashes.
  • Easy Access for Your Cat: The large front door provides easy entry and exit for your feline friend. It even features a sand leak pedal, which helps prevent litter from being scattered around by your cat’s paws.
  • Dimensions: This litter tray measures 38H x 52L x 41Wcm, with a front door size of 19.5cm. When folded, it becomes 14.5H x 52L x 41Wcm.
  • Ideal for Cats up to 5kg: This litter tray is suitable for cats weighing up to 5 kilograms, providing them with the perfect space to feel comfortable and secure.

Give your cat the privacy and convenience they deserve with this Cat Litter Tray with Enclosed Lid. Order yours today and enjoy a cleaner, fresher home environment for both you and your furry companion.

4 reviews for Cat Litter Tray with Enclosed Lid – Hooded Litter Box

  1. Chicklit reader

    Tried to tidy up the cat litter trays but the 2 cats don’t like the new tray. They jump over the foot scraper so there’s still litter on the floor. They hate being closed in by the swing door. The perfume works so thats ok. I still have the other litter tray as they hardly use the new one. We are on a new estate so daren’t let them out because of the builders. It works I suppose if it were used properly it would be ok.

  2. Son Rezvan

    This is the third litter box I have purchased, as my cat is getting bigger and I wish I had purchased this from the start. I had the standard litter trays before and the smell would take over. With this, there you cannot smell anything and it’s so easy to set up!

  3. I’ a M

    Love it a bit bigger than it seems but perfect for your kitten and you easy clean

  4. Caroline Preston

    Like the design and lightweight but the lud is awkward to lift and the scoop lets all the litter through even the wet stuff so not brilliant.

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