Fine Garden Screw-in Ground Spike

Screw-in ground spike, Perfect for rotary clothes airers. Ground spike fits perfectly in your washing line pole. It allows an easy fitting of your rotary airier washing line into the ground. The washing line spike remains sturdy and does not move from its location

Plastic Black Ground Spike comes along with Clothes link spike offers sturdy support to rotary washing line clothes airier, flagpole, and other garden equipment. You can move our black plastic screw from one place to another quickly.

This Spike  can be used efficiently, and you do not need any assistance. There is no concrete requirement for inserting the Clothes link spike that can be used to create a new hole and provide rock-solid ground support


  • Can be unscrewed and moved around as required.
  • User Friendly
  • Durable Plastic
  • Sturdy Support
  • Portable
  • Easy Go in Ground
  • Comes with Stand Holders
  • Fixing Handle Screw


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