Humane Mouse & Rodent Trap – Set of 2

Capture mice without causing harm with our Humane Mouse & Rodent Trap. Made with a thoughtful design, these traps are perfect for safely catching mice and other rodents.

The traps are crafted from durable, easy-to-clean plastic, making them reusable time and time again. This not only saves you money but also ensures a quick and efficient solution to your rodent problem.

Using the trap is simple. Just place the bait in the small compartment at one end and open the gate on the other end. Once the mouse moves to the opposite side of the trap, their weight will trigger the trap, and the gate will snap shut.

Rest assured, our rodent traps are designed to avoid hurting or killing any mice or other animals that enter. Once the door shuts, the mouse cannot escape until the door is opened. This allows you to easily release any live mice you catch, ensuring their safety and well-being.

What sets our mouse traps apart is their complete lack of poison, glue, or any other harmful aspects. This makes them absolutely perfect for use around the home, especially if you have children or pets. You can now tackle your rodent problem with peace of mind, knowing that no harm will come to anyone.

Invest in our Humane Mouse & Rodent Trap today and experience a safe, effective, and eco-friendly solution to your pest control needs.

11 reviews for Humane Mouse & Rodent Trap – Set of 2

  1. Vivian Thompson

    Something was digging up all my seeds in my greenhouse, realising it was a mouse i purchased the trap. 6 mice later i seem to have got them all. The trap works perfectly and does not harm the mice at all. They can be released in a field or a neighbours garden that you do not like.

  2. Colin Tarrant

    within the first week caught 7 mice!. very effective and humane. still catching the odd mouse.

  3. Helena Handcart

    It worked, small mouse (present from cat) safely released back into the wild. Recommend a small chunk of Snickers as bait, they can’t resist it and I get to eat the rest

  4. wolfhunter

    Caught another little visitor in my loft not sure if its the same one but this certainly works as intended so money well spent

  5. Stephen Woods

    Release arm was too long. It failed to release on first attempt at catching a mouse. I had to file down the release arm, worked on second attempt.

  6. T

    Caught a mouse within an hour. Feels flimsy but works.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Really pleased with this – it is doing its job. Had a mouse invasion in our pantry this summer – think its a litter – and it’s caught six so far!

  8. Brittany

    This is a very easy trap to set up and it is very safe and humane in catching the wayward mouse in your garage!

  9. Bernadette. MacDonald-Wilson

    Advertised as a humane rodent (mouse and rat) trap. No way any rat would be able to squeeze in… far too narrow. Should say a humane mouse trap and omit rat mention. Returning it straight away… Looks good and a kinder way to trap and release mice, but it isn’t any use for rats.

  10. John Colgrave

    This trap caught the visitor in our loft the first night I set it. I have given a four-star rating because the instructions could be clearer and more detailed, and I found I had to partially dismantle the trap to clean it thoroughly.

  11. Mrs Nealy GrahamMrs Nealy Graham

    I have a cat who likes to bring me mice and some get away. So after realising one was under my fridge, I decided I needed to try to catch it before my cat does and release it. I have now caught 3 mice in this trap and was able to release all of them Without harm. It’s a good product and worth the money.I’m Sure it will Continue to get lots of use… A*

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