Bamboos can often strike fear into the heart of gardeners, as some are invasive but fear not, this little bamboo is a very well behaved garden guest.

Fargesia is one of the best types, as it is short, and has many small canes, and a much more delicate appearance than more thuggish members of the family. In fact. it’s juicy new shoots are the stuff Pandas dream of!

A relatively newly introduced dwarf bamboo, it produces masses of new culms (as the new shoots are called), which have a rusty tinge.

They then green up, and unfurl masses of tiny thin green leaves, which are evergreen so last all year round. The canes are very slender and thin, so they gently arch over, hence it’s common name of ‘Fountain Bamboo’.

They are spectacular in big pots on the patio, and an ideal bamboo for small gardens. They also form a neat, dense and easy-care non-trim hedge, reaching 2m over many years. Just don’t let them dry out in hot, dry summers that’s all, otherwise they require almost no care at all – what could be simpler?

Plant them where the sun can shine through the canes, or where you can see or hear the breeze gently wafting and rustling through all year – a very sensual plant indeed!

7 reviews for Pair of Fargesia Rufa (Fountain Bamboos)

  1. Stephen brice

    I purchased 2 of these and they have settled in very well in the large tubs lots of new spring growth and already starting to spread throughout the tubs

  2. Theresa

    Packaging could be improved. My pots were 1 on top of the other and slightly crushed. Leaves a little brown edged. Hoping with better weather they will look more like the photograph with care.

  3. MissHAMissHA

    Product arrived promptly- approximately two days after ordering. Was well packaged and the soil was well watered.When I opened the box, I did laugh- I knew they would be small, but I wasnt expecting that small- especially with the pot size!Regardless, the product seems quite healthy and Im glad I got them on sale- I will enjoy seeing them reach full potential and they will be a lovely addition to my terrace!Edit 07/11/2019- The plants have grown beautifully and I am now preparing them for winter. Highly impressed at their growth- they have easily quadrupled in size in such a short amount of time. Look forward to springtime when I hope they will have another growth spurt and I can enjoy them properly.

  4. Phil

    Received the 2 plants but the packaging was so poor , the courier had to tell us to be careful handling the item. The plants are small which it does say in description but no picture of roughly the product you actually receive. The soil was not firm as if plants was transferred into pot at the point of dispatch. Just repotted them today and will see how the grow. After all im pleased with what I have but the puctures that show the actual product size are crucial. Good packaging is also important.

  5. Rudimentary Bold

    Thank you so much for sending me out a superfast replacement for my missing bamboo plant. All the bamboos were received in great condition and I look forward to nurturing them hopefully for years to come.Thank you Amazon!

  6. Ellie L

    I don’t think these plants will last v long they are not very sturdy.

  7. F. RAMOS

    Sturdy healthy plants good value for money.

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