Cleaning our toilets is not a fun job to say the least so we want it to be done as quickly as possible. The Pukkr Powerful Toilet Plunger is the perfect tool to make quick work of any blocked pipes. Rather than conventional cleaners, this plunger utilises water pressure over air which makes the plunger 8x more powerful than more conventional toilet plungers.


Have you ever been plunging away and can’t quite get down deep enough? The head of this toilet plunger has a concertinaed design which not only ensures a powerful suction but also makes it more flexible for reaching around those tight corners.


Unlike conventional toilet plungers, this cleaner makes the most of water power over air pressure. By utilising water power, the cleaner forces blockages free from your pipes whereas air pressure just loosens the blockage, increasing the time you need to spend plunging away.


A toilet brush isn’t always the nicest thing to look at in a bathroom. This toilet plunger can be disassembled by removing the handle from the head, this means that it can easily be stored away in your cupboard without taking too much space! 


  • Size: Handle Length 28cm, Total Assembled Length 62cm (approx) 
  • MateriaI: PVC Plastic 
  • In the Box: 1 x Powerful Toilet Plunger 
  • 2 Year Warranty

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