Transform your ordinary bedroom or nursery into a tranquil haven with our Star Projector Cube. This enchanting little cube effortlessly projects mesmerizing colour-changing stars onto your ceiling, creating a calming night-time sky that lulls you into a peaceful slumber.

But that’s not all – our Star Projector Cube goes above and beyond to soothe restlessness and combat insomnia. It features a delightful selection of 10 beloved nursery rhymes, including timeless classics such as Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. These soothing melodies, combined with 5 nature sounds like Birdsong, Heartbeat, and Ocean waves, create a harmonious symphony that gently carries you off to dreamland.

Designed for all ages, from newborns to adults, our Star Projector Cube is the perfect companion for anyone seeking relaxation and relief. Not only does it help to mask the effects of tinnitus, but it also alleviates stress and anxiety, allowing you to unwind and find tranquility in the comfort of your own space.

With its user-friendly design, you can easily choose your favourite sound to relax to, or simply activate the ‘shuffle’ mode to experience the full range of soothing melodies and nature sounds.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a peaceful sanctuary in your home. Bring home our Star Projector Cube today and immerse yourself in the calming embrace of a starry night sky, accompanied by the gentle melodies of cherished lullabies and the soothing sounds of nature.

7 reviews for Star Projector Cube with Lullaby and Nature Sounds

  1. Rachel

    It’s good – I love the melodies, they aren’t too annoying, and my 3 month old daughter likes watching the lamp change colour. It seems better quality than I was expected for the price. My main issue is that the stars are barely visible on the ceiling, even in a pitch black room. This is kind of obvious once I thought about it, because there’s light coming out of the sides of the lamp as well as the top, so this light lights up the room and then the stars are kind of diluted. I’m going to try some kind of hack to see if I can fix it – perhaps black sharpie all over the top (around the star holes), and a removeable sleeve to go round the sides… Because the nightlight is useful/pretty, and the stars are lovely, but I can’t see any other way to get both in one product especially one as cheap as this, so I’m willing to put a bit of effort in!

  2. crazienut

    This is a great multifunction box! I bought it to try and help my toddler sleep. She loves the lullabies and the lights are nice and soothing, but she prefers to cuddle her box rather than it soothing her!It was smaller than I imagined it would be, but in hindsight the size is better than I was expecting. My one issue is that there isn’t the option to have continuous music playing. I’ve put it on to try and get her to sleep and when the music stops she wakes up again as hasn’t had the chance to fall into proper sleep. Th only other problem is the volume control, having to tap through and make it louder before it gets quoted is a little annoying but it’s not really a big issue.

  3. silversnoopy

    The sounds/tunes are pleasant and varied, so not repetitive! The colours are lovely but its a shame that the projection isn’t particularly strong. Even if you set this up on top of a wardrobe the stars aren’t very bright on the ceiling. However, my boys like watching it for the changing light colours and don’t even look up at the ceiling. They’re very happy with it so I guess I like it too. If it was me, I’d prefer something stronger and ideally, the projection would rotate. A bit disappointing that it has a 15 minute autoshut-off which can’t be overridden. I have to go upstairs and switch it on a couple more times before my boys are asleep. I’d prefer to just leave it on and then go and switch it off myself.

  4. Denise Coulson

    Still works now. Had in since 2016. Love it. So does my baby xx

  5. Shovie

    Although this is smaller than it appears it is a very soothing, calming and effective night light. Bought for our three year old as a more age appropriate soother / night light instead of his old baby mobile, I has worked wonders for helping him sleep at night. The buttons are very easy to use and he now chooses which he would like to listen to depending upon his mood. The lullabies are still a nice reminder of his old mobile but the options of rainforests and water are something new that he can enjoy and settle too. The differing soft lighting of stars is also very subtle and lights up his room beautifully but not too harshly making it cosy for him to drift off. The auto button is perfect too as it a battery saver by switching off after 15 minutes without the need for disturbing him by going in to his room to switch it off. My only (slight) disappointment is that it is not a little bit bigger, but it is a lovely gift and very good at helping with bed time for young children.

  6. bubblefish

    This is definitely for babies and toddlers rather than older children or adults. We bought ours 6 years ago when my eldest was a baby and now it helps our youngest to get to sleep every night. She even puts it on herself when we are playing in her room. The music is pleasant, the ambient light is soft and it turns itself off after 15 mins so you don’t have to creep back in to the room to turn it off. I’m looking at getting another one as she has been throwing it about a bit lately, it has survived so far but wanted to check they are still available just in case it breaks. I had forgotten what good value it was!

  7. Mrs. Barbara Thompson

    Very soothing with calming light sequence and music control volume so you can have it nice and low for a child going to sleep

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