This pool cleaner will automatically hunt down and eradicate dirt, leaving your swimming pool brilliantly clean. Its suction power is enough to pick up everything from dirt and bugs to pebbles and twigs. The unit is quick and easy to install. Simply plug the unit into your skimmer and it will clean your pool effortlessly. Delivery includes: 1 x pool cleaner, 10 x 0.8 m suction hose, 3 x hose weights, 1 x automatic regulator valve, 1 x hose cone, 1 x dive float restrictor and 1 x eyeball diverter and an outer ring. Note: It cleans the bottom of the swimming pool only.

5 reviews for Swimming Pool Cleaner

  1. Rhett P.

    We’ve had this ‘hopper’ for over a year and used it extensively. It’s done the job well sucking up endless dead wood lice, worms, spider and other things from the bottom of the pool. What’s been really impressive though is the after sales support. Over time the rubber components (3 parts to date) have perished. Each time I’ve got in touch with the company and, after sending a photo, they’ve immediately dispatched replacement parts. Really happy to give them 5 stars and recommend them unreservedly!

  2. BenRB

    I have had various pool cleaners over the years and this one works better than all the previous ones and it costs a lot less – it is easy to get started and does a good job of cleaning the pool – pool cleaners only seem to last a few years and when this one wears out I will buy the same again

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had a Barracuda Super-Genius (really!) automatic pool vacuum for many years, and got fed up with spending around £100 a year on replacement parts. The VidaXL performs just as well, and even if it only lasts a couple of years, I’ll save money. I expected for the price that the parts might feel a little cheap or flimsy, but it seems very robust and well made.

  4. Neil Aries

    I was a bit on the fence as to whether to buy this or not from the mixed reviews that I had seen but thought that for £80 it was worth the risk. In hindsight I wish I had maybe spent a bit more to get a more reliable vacuum.Although it is very easy to assemble, the instructions that come with it are confusing and this has meant that despite my best efforts I am struggling to get significant suction out of the unit. I think this is either because I cant connect it sufficiently well to the pool feeder or there is a weak connection between the vacuum itself and the hose. I’ve tried various different configurations and none seem to work, leading to either a very slow vacuum or worse the suction halting the unit entirely.

  5. Max Haque

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     Surprisingly good for the price. Arrived 5 days before original scheduled delivery date. Assembly was simple enough, but the instructions seemed to be written on a postage stamp. The connections to the skimmer of the pool worked first time and whilst I’ve only had it for one week – so far so good. It got stuck Once in the sump at the bottom of the deep end, but relatively easy to dislodge. It works fine in the deep end (2m) and even runs along the sides.

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