Featuring an attractive square face and clear face markings. The time and date is announced in a clear, British voice recorded by the RNIB. A donation is made to the RNIB for each watch sold. Automatically updated with the atomic signal for guaranteed accuracy, our market leading watch announces the time and date at the push of a button.

  • Talking function with clear analogue face and hands – voice announcement of time and date
  • Automatically adjust between summer and winter time Automatic setting by seeking time signal in countries were
  • Available including UK, Germany, USA and Japan – can be manually set for countries with no signal
  • Setting buttons flush with case to prevent accidental activation – option of alarm and hourly time announcement
  • Battery included

Atomic accuracy

In 2011, the atomic clock housed in Britain’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) was found to be the world’s most accurate. The clock is a caesium fountain clock, meaning that the “tick” is provided by the measurement of the energy required to change the caesium atoms’ spin. It was found to be accurate to one part in 4,300,000,000,000,000, meaning that NPL’s clock will not stray by more than a second in 138 million years.

Although that accuracy may be overkill for day-to-day, by using the signal from the NPL atomic clock you can be sure your watch will always show the correct time. It will even adjust automatically for British Summer Time. If you happen to travel elsewhere in the world, your watch can also use the atomic signals in the US, Germany and Japan.

7 reviews for Vintage Talking Atomic Watch – Expanding Bracelet

  1. ogrady

    The watc came in two days what good service ..Already set up so no need to figure it out ..Have to have the bracelet altered as its bit big .Apart from that good all around watch and easy to press button for time ….

  2. Woody

    Prompt delivery, very clear face and wery clrer sound.

  3. TomCB

    A very stylish watch that is perfect for my brother who is unable to tell the time. He loved the stretchy strap as he finds traditional leather clasps fiddly to work. The watch is a bit thicker than a standard analogue watch but it is not noticeable when worn and the clarity of the speaker is very good because of it. It did take a few days to synchronise to the atomic signal but that may be because of the area I live in.

  4. P. Taylor

    Bought for my husband who is severely visually impaired. He loves it. Dial easy fo him to see in a good light, but with the speaking option when he can’t. Has to be held near the ear to hear, but that’s fine as it doesn’t disturb others. Only quibble is the bracelet is on the tight side.

  5. B.C.

    Excellent watch, highly recommended

  6. Lyndon

    Nice and simple to use.keeps excelent time

  7. techno

    does exactly what it says. Time button very easily to press when you dont want it to but would recommend this watch.

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