The 20KGs Dumbbell & Barbell Set is a versatile fitness tool that will help you achieve your physical fitness goals. With its two-in-one design, this set can be easily transformed into either a dumbbell or a barbell, allowing you to tailor your workouts to suit your needs.

This set comes in two options: A91-155 and A91-156. The A91-155 set includes a total weight of 20kg, consisting of 4 x 1.25kg plates, 4 x 2.5kg plates, 2 x 1.4kg short poles, 4 x 0.2kg lock, and 1 x 1.4kg connecting pole. The A91-156 set offers a total weight of 30kg, including 4 x 1.25kg plates, 8 x 2.5kg plates, 2 x 1.4kg short poles, 4 x 0.2kg lock, and 1 x 1.4kg connecting pole.

Designed to help you condition and shape your arms, shoulders, and back, this dumbbell and barbell set is ideal for various physical exercises. Whether you want to build strength, increase muscle mass, or simply improve your overall fitness level, this set is a must-have.

The dimensions of the plates are as follows: the 1.25kg plates measure 17.5 x 3T cm, while the 2.5kg plates measure 21.5 x 3.8T cm. The short poles come in two sizes, with A91-155 measuring 2.5cm x 40L cm and A91-156 measuring 2.5cm x 45L cm. The connecting pole measures 1 x 2.5cm x 40L cm. The inner hole of the bell plate has a diameter of 2.5cm.

Invest in this 20KGs Dumbbell & Barbell Set – Adjustable Ergonomic Weights to take your fitness journey to the next level. Versatile, adjustable, and effective, this set will help you achieve the results you desire. Order now and start sculpting your dream physique today!

15 reviews for 20KGs Dumbbell & Barbell Set – Adjustable Ergonomic Weights

  1. Kuro

    Weights totals 15kgUnless the bars weight the rest it’s not 15kg4x2.5 is 10 & 4x 1.25 is 5.15kg

  2. Tanmoy Roy

    Very happy with the purchase, nice quality item, highly recommended 👍

  3. Amazon Customer

    Be very careful with these weights, the end screws have no locking mechanism and come un-done very quickly when being used, with the potential of detaching from the bar allowing the weights to slide off possibly resulting in injury!

  4. AZ

    Solid metal construction (too many of these sets on Amazon have plastic bars with cheap foam grips) and well made weight discs that look smart too. Brilliant

  5. Tony Wooding

    great set of weights 20kg’s including the bar looks great very happy with them, got lost in shipping contacted seller who got on to it straight away and got back to me and got to me two days later so very happy.

  6. Jason

    Very nice set of dumbells and with the joining bar you can turn this into a bar.Great setWould recommend this set.

  7. Glen Jones

    These have a plastic edge about 1cm thick, they don’t feel the same weight though as a York weight.So I think they under weight but i haven’t actually weighted them, I’m going just by feel only.The barbell extension is difficult to access together, the chrome comes off and the threads are not smooth at all, it’s a nightmare putting them together, the handles for the dumbbells are good, great grip but you very wear gloves or have thick skin on your hands, they will cut you especially if lifting heavy weights.I’ve since bought a proper barbell, so only use the dumbbell handles now.I use the plastic weights on my curl bar.All in all, I’m using them but wouldn’t buy again

  8. Bars

    Really good and looks good. Quality! i ordered twice

  9. Vinay

    Fantastic product. Quality top notch.

  10. tara jones

    My son ordered these weights without reading the descriptionHe did think there was dumbbells to according to the picturesEven so great starter weights

  11. Elijah

    Great weights, only problem the weights aren’t actually 10 kg each. If you calculate it it’s actually about 9 kg. I don’t mind it tho. Great build quality actual steel on the bar, I love how you can take off and/or add more weight up to 14 kg on a single bar. Great stuff, incredible value for money aswell. For £36 it’s a steal, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal. Also if you get to strong for these just buy 2.5kg vinyl weight plates for like £10-£15 a pair. You literally can’t find a better deal very happy with it.

  12. Cristian Marculescu

    For me i use this item

  13. Dawid P.

    Weights : 10/10Metal quality 10/10The handles rough texture 5/10The buckles holding the weights on the bar 1/10They just…. unspin themselves no matter how tight I put them. Which is increasingly frustrating

  14. Dean

    I like the versatility of the set and it is excellent quality and price. Well worth buying if your after a beginner set

  15. Amazon Customer

    Bought these for my wife but was unsure because of the price but t hey are amazing she loves them they are really sturdy and well made.highly recommended

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