Experience ultimate comfort and relief with our Massage Footrest. Designed for both home and office use, this fully adjustable footrest is here to ease discomfort caused by long periods of sitting.

Comfort for Home & Office Prop up your feet and legs with our ergonomic footrest to alleviate discomfort while sitting for extended periods of time. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, our footrest provides the perfect solution for ultimate comfort.

3-Position Height Adjustment Our footrest is designed to cater to individuals of all sizes. With three elevation settings (11cm, 14cm, 17cm), you can easily adjust the height to suit your personal preference. The pedal can be tilted back and forth, promoting leg movement and providing a maximum tilt angle of 30dg.

Health Benefits Maintain good posture and improve circulation with our customizable footrest platform. Relieve achy feet and ease pressure on your lower back, allowing you to stay comfortable and productive throughout the day.

Soothing Massage Experience wonderful pain and stress relief without the need for batteries or motors. Our footrest features textured nodules that massage tired feet, providing a soothing and relaxing experience. Additionally, the gentle rocking motion further enhances the massage effect.

Durable, Non-Skid Surface Safety and stability are our top priorities. Our footrest is designed with a durable, non-skid surface, ensuring that it stays in place without slipping, sliding, or moving under your table or desk. Enjoy ample foot space while maintaining a secure and stable footing.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relaxation with our Massage Footrest. Invest in your well-being and make those long hours of sitting a breeze.

9 reviews for Massage Footrest with 3 Position Tilt & Height Adjustment

  1. The G-Man

    Working at home during lockdown, my wife had to raise her chair to meet our dining table so needed a footrest to stop her feet dangling in midair. I’m trained to carry out DSE assessments and this footrest looked similar to the ones used in my office, plus the reviews were reasonable, so we bought it.A month or so in and it’s so far, so good. It has plenty of adjustment so my wife finds it easy to get comfortable, and if it’s left unlocked she can flex her feet and ankles. She finds the bumps uncomfortable in socks or bare feet, but fine in slippers.Build quality seems reasonable, not up the ones we use at work but they are three times the price. With care it should last, but as with most things made mostly of hard plastic it probably wouldn’t fare too well if abused.Downsides? Two. It’s fairly high even on its lowest setting so if you only need a few cm of lift this might not be the footrest for you. And it creaks. We both work at the dining table and one afternoon I thought there was something wrong with the central heating. Turned out my wife was flexing her ankles and the noise was from the footrest. Knowing what it was I soon tuned it out, but if you’re sensitive to small noises you might find this annoying. Although I suspect a rub with graphite lubricant (or a soft pencil) in the right place would soon solve it.

  2. Cal

    The footrest is a good design but the components are not durable at all. I have had mine for less than six months and already one of the rubber rings that’s necessary to lock it into place has come completely apart. Fortunately it wasn’t too hard to 3D print an adapter to make it much more sturdy – but for thirty quid I don’t expect to have to repair something like this.

  3. Danny

    this is a good product there is a good range of adjustment it is high which is great as that is what i was looking for as i like to rest my iPad on my lap while drawing, so i need my knees to be at a higher angle. the reason this is not great is that its quite flimsy it is rather wobbly from side to side. the bumps on the top are not comfortable i would have preferred something more cushioning or at least flat but it does its job

  4. Caz Tricks

    Does what is expected, sturdy but collapses when one tries to move it with one’s feet – perhaps rubber on the ‘feet; to stop it slipping and/or clips to secure it once set. Not bad for the price though.

  5. Sundance66

    Sturdy and adjustable

  6. Victor

    I wouldn’t say it has miracle effects to relieve your foot pain as if it was your podiatrist doing an nice active massage. It is just large enough footrest to help you to rest your feet and keep a good posture in a passive way. That’s all. It has 3 heights which is great to adjust along with your chair height, and some flexibility on the base to allow a soft resting instead of a hard one. Still, for its price I’d expect the top area to be even a bit softer, which I think would be much better for me (harder to clean though!).

  7. Amazon Customer

    Fit for Purpose and solid

  8. Katherine

    This is the best footrest on the market I have used. The reason I like this footrest so much is because when the footrest is extended the chair legs fits comfortable under the footrest to allow maximum comfort for arms on the table and feet under the desk!

  9. Ms. Rani

    I was waiting for the day to write a review for this product. It was a very nice footrest and helped me a lot during the months of my PhD thesis write up however, the adjustable bit got damaged within few months even with a very careful use. I liked it but disappointed with the durability. Should have lasted for longer, still have it but of no use.

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