STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This pull-up bar is made of strong and durable steel tube with power coated process for long-term use.

SAFETY USE: The pull-up workout station is compact and with no screws design easily fits on any standard doorway, practice at home.

MULTIPLE FUNCTION: This exercise bar is ideal for chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, core workout. Exercise psoas muscle, shoulder muscle pectoral muscle, etc. Can be mounted on a door frame or placed on the floor for push-ups.

PADDED HANDLES: The pull-up exercise bar is non-slip grip positions to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip for safety exercise, can also protect the wall.

DIMENSION: Overall size 92L x 40W x 17H cm.

18 reviews for Door Fixed Horizontal Pull-ups Bar

  1. joanne hopkinson

    very good product

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a great little gizmo, perfect for use at home to practice those tough pull-ups while the gyms are closed.It’s easy to assemble, but the little washers that have to go between the bolts and the nuts aren’t perfectly flat and round for some silly reason, which increases the space they need, and so for 2 of the 6 bolts, I couldn’t use them, which might well need I’ll have to tighten those bolts every now and then, not sure.But the device still seems sturdy enough for me (at 70kg). It doesn’t wobble or warp, doesn’t damage the door frame, is very easy to put into place on a doorframe, and it also doubles up very well as a device you can use on the floor for doing press-ups. The grips are soft and comfortable, too.Why the instructions say the little metal clip or hook needs to go onto the doorframe before you place the device on it, is anybody’s guess: without any connection to the bar, that little metal hook is not going to do anything at all. Oh, well. It is, overall, a really good gizmo. I do like swinging from it like a monkey, too – good for mood boosts!But before you buy, be sure to measure the width of your doors and doorframes and the depth of the top of the doorframe, too: if the door is too wide, the wide handles that effectively hold the device in place wouldn’t do that, and if the frame were too narrow, it would be the metal, rather than the padded handles that would rest on the sides of the doorframe , and presumably cause some damage there. The dimensions needed are given in the product description online here.

  3. Dawn Brenda Bingham

    Well worth the money

  4. Tyler


  5. Michal Rymsza

    Good quality, feels solid when in use

  6. Mark D.

    The device is not adjustable so doesn’t fit the door frame, returned

  7. miss jenna pegler

    This thing is stupid it will not fit in any off my doors at all and it not adjustable so no point in buying it I have standard uk doors thorough out my house and won’t fit in one

  8. Lilijane

    Great product! Great piece of kit for a home workout

  9. Tristan

    They didn’t provide me with the correct length bolts

  10. Shorty

    Good product well made works great

  11. Tony

    This is overall a good product. But if you have modern door ways with the fire protection system (expanding strips in the frame) then it is not wide enough to rest flat in the doorway. If you have standard non fire protection frames then this is perfect

  12. Garry

    Easy to assemble. Does the job. Exactly what I wanted.

  13. Deano55

    Brilliant product! Son very happy.

  14. Cdv

    Easy to put together. Had it about a month now use it everyday and it still works spot on. Well worth the money.

  15. Humzah

    Saw some reviews before I bought this saying that it didn’t fit their door frame. Bought it anyway and this was the case for me. My door frame was too small to fit so before you but buy it get the correct measurements of your door frame and see if it’s big enough to fit (size should be in description).Even though I can’t do pull ups with this thing I can still do push ups, sit ups and a few other stuff to accommodate it. As I mainly bought it for pull ups it’s a disappointment investment for me. Not too hard to assemble the guide will help you a lot.7/10

  16. Alan Wells


  17. SHMSHM

    Several people have complained in the comments that the bolts are too short and that the bar is ‘wonky’. I found that too when I followed the instructions precisely. These show the 2 bolts that join the two sections of the bar being on the top of the bar – that’s wrong!You need to turn the bar over so the bolts are AT THE BOTTOM of the bar – exactly as it appears in the images on the Amazon website.The difference is important as, correctly positioned, the flattened parts of both the bar and the curved arms are presented on the outside, where the bolts and nuts are, making the bar thinner at the join – so the bolts now fit!Even more importantly, it means that the curved arms and the bar are free to join at any angle – if the flattened side of the bar is presented to the arm is forces the join to adopt a ‘wonky’ angle – making the whole frame ‘wonky’ and pushing the bar away from the doorframe on one side – see my picture taken before I reassembled it. I have also attached a photo of the incorrect instructions (bolts facing upwards) and the correctly assembled image from the website (bolts facing downwards)Once assembled like this it seems sturdy enough and fits neatly on my doorframe (which is only 11cm deep so a bit shorter than the stated minimum!) and works well. I have given 5 stars to indicate that the end product is good. But the assembly is far from easy due to the misleading and vague instructions. I still have no idea how the “safety wedge” is supposed to work?!!.

  18. Sotu

    Really happy with this pull-up bar! Easy to assemble, easy to use, nice and sturdy. Prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend!

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