The Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine offers a safe and comfortable training experience for all fitness enthusiasts. Its remarkable features are designed to provide you with an efficient full-body workout while ensuring your safety and convenience.

Safe and Comfortable Training

The rowing machine features a large aluminium monorail that ensures a smooth rowing movement. You can glide effortlessly on the ergonomic seat, allowing for a comfortable workout session. For added safety, buckle your feet into the tilting footplates equipped with safety straps, ensuring stability and preventing any slips or accidents.

Convenient Storage and Transport

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces! This rowing machine is foldable, allowing you to store it away neatly when not in use. Need to change workout locations? No problem! With the transport wheels at the bottom, you can effortlessly move the machine from one place to another, making it incredibly convenient for your fitness routine.

Keep Track of Your Parameters

Stay motivated and track your progress with ease. The Rowing Machine keeps you informed about the most important parameters of your workout. The large LCD monitor displays essential information such as count, distance, calories burned, time, and strokes per minute. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can assess and improve the effectiveness of your workout, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Variation in Strain

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced fitness enthusiast, this rowing machine caters to all levels of experience. With eight possible resistance levels, you can easily adjust the intensity of your training to suit your needs and abilities. This versatility ensures that anyone can benefit from using the Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine.

Key Features:

  • Efficient full-body movement trainer
  • Eight adjustable resistance levels
  • Easy to move and store
  • Large LCD monitor displaying different parameters
  • Battery-operated for convenience

Experience the ultimate in safe, comfortable, and effective training with the Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine. Start your fitness journey today and make every workout count!

17 reviews for Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

  1. Cass N

    I’ve refrained from writing a review for over a year just in case the machine broke on me, but it’s held up in remarkable shape since I bought it in October 2020. It’s compact, sturdy, great for a beginner or someone just trying to stay in shape at home. The RPM meter is a little unreliable on mine but all the other digital outputs work fine. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone not wanting to splash masses of cash on a rower but still wanting something that holds up after regular use over a year (and counting). 5/5 for value.

  2. David

    I set the timer according to the manual, but when I start rowing, the monitor keeps restarting. After a few retries, I had to turn it off because the noise of restarting was so annoying to the workout experience.


    Good instructions, I put the rowing machine together before my husband got home from work. It’s very sturdy and ideal for us both – my husband is 6’4″ tall. I’m surprised how quiet it is. There’s a place to hold your phone or ipad. Easy to use. Very pleased.

  4. Amazon Customer

    We got one to see if we were going to use it as a training method going forward.I’m 6’2″ and despite the reviews that’s probably a couple of inches too tall for a full draw, my 5’9″ wife has no problem. Readout is OK but you miss the diversity of a concept 2.However, for a quarter of the price it was a solid purchase.

  5. Adrian g

    Not too bad to assemble,very sturdy, plenty of resistance for my needs, would recommend.

  6. Valerie Marsek

    Easy to assemble, a decent piece of equipment.

  7. Mrs J Hudson

    Highly recommend this rowing machine so quiet can row all day you will not be disappointed different levels of tension

  8. Chris c

    Very fast delivery next day can’t beat that, well packed, no damage, easy enough to put together instructions a little vain but in all took about 40 minutes to construct, see how it goes over time, would highly recommend if you want a sturdy rowing machine without to much fuss, we’ll worth the money.

  9. gary phillips

    Instructions need to be read twice before attempting to put together but quite easy , did it in 40 minutes. Great tobe able to fold up . Lovely to use, just what i needed.

  10. wayne mcnulty and vicky mcnulty

    hopefully this will get me in shape for long awaited holiday.

  11. DailyShot

    I was a bit hesitant about electing a rowing machine. I’ve used a friend’s rowing machine and found it jerky and unpleasant to use; hers cost double what this one did. I was concerned over possibly finding it faulty or not user-friendly, and was worried about the difficulty and expense which would be involved if I needed to return it. But I’m delighted with my purchase. It took an hour or so to assemble, but it wasn’t difficult to do. It is smooth to use, easy to set the friction level, and has a good clear display. It’s very, very robust, and I’m astonished that I was able to purchase such a well-made and thought-through piece of home fitness equipment for this price. Very, very happy with my purchase, which arrived several days before its expected delivery date.

  12. Berzerkerdan

    Seems well made and strong and a good sized display screen and also folds up easy to wheel out of the way when finished. Simple and effective! From a realistic review people have a high unrealistic point of view it’s not a connect 2 but they are a £1000 plus gym machine so you areObviously not going to get same for £200! I cycle / rope climb / hike and this is a great machine greatValue for money and seems verySturdy and also very quiet without the sound of a wind turbine like in a gym. It folds up and wheels to moveOut of way with ease! If youDon’t want to ape and a fortune and just want something to jump on and get fit and get off this is the ideal product. Why spend a lot when youCan spend enough for something that works well!

  13. Adi Osborne

    Very easy to put together, instructions are easy to read, I did think that due to the size of the box it would have required less installation, but it took about 15-20 minutes.Great machine and easy to use, the digital display does not have a backlight, which is a let down considering the price, and the holder does allow a mobile or iPad, but when in use the vibration makes the holder fall, which you can’t fix as it has 2 bolts that are tight as they can be.All in all I am very happy with this product and would recommend, but if the manufacturer can add a backlight to the display and provide a better solution to keep the holder in place, this would be perfect

  14. Mrs Geraldine Harris

    Very pleased with purchase. Arrived quickly and was easy to assemble.

  15. Grant Peters

    Easy to assemble as long as you follow the instructions

  16. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble . comfortable to use

  17. Sally Wilson

    It is most unfortunate that I am no longer able to use this piece of equipment. However whoever does get to do so, will enjoy it as much as I have.

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