Washing up is a task that we all try to avoid, but unfortunately, it needs doing so it may as well be made an easier task. The Maison & White Silicone Draining Mat is the perfect dish draining mat to protect and quickly aerate your glasses, dishes and utensils. The durable yet flexible silicone is perfect for any cramped sink spaces such as camper vans or cabins as the draining mat can be rolled up for easy and compact storage when the washing up is done.


Unlike flat draining mats, this silicone draining mat features a raised ribbed design. This feature encourages maximum air circulation around your pots which increases the time in which your pots dry and the effectiveness of that drying.


Ridged or wire draining accessories can be difficult to maintain, with their design making them difficult to clean and store. The flexible silicone material of this draining is non-slip, creating a secure draining surface and also makes it incredibly easy to clean and easy to store when the washing up is done.


When you’re using multiple pots and pans, it can be difficult to find a place to set them down that isn’t going to cause any damage. As well as making light work of the washing up, this mat is also heat resistant up to 230° so it can also be used as a trivet for hot pots and pans!


  • Size: 45 x 40 x 0.6cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • In the Box:1 x Silicone Dish Draining Mat
  • 2 Year Warranty

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20 reviews for Silicone Dish Draining Mat Black | M&W

  1. Cat lover

    Does the job but is heavy so hanging it to dry is difficult

  2. Beeboss

    does what it is supposed to, much better than standard plastic strainers

  3. Ms. D. Chivers

    Absolutely love this. Bought as a sink/washing up bowl cover to stop pesky flies/moths falling in. Works like a dream! Because it’s so flexible there’s no need to remove to fill the kettle with water. You just peel it back half way and simply release to recover. Simple and adequate, just what I was after.

  4. L bowen

    Great item really pleased with it.

  5. Tina

    A fantastic mat well made and it fits perfect on my sink unit.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for using in my campervan to dry dishes and protect the worktop from hot pans!

  7. Rachel Mehegan

    Best draining board I’ve ever had. Also makes my kitchen look bigger. So easy to clean. Love it thanks very much.

  8. Jack

    Using this as a mat underneath a small espresso machine. Works perfectly with plenty of space for all the bits that go with it. Easy to wipe clean, or rinse under the tap for anything thats dried on. Feels great quality and seems like it should last a long time. Has had boiling water spilt on it and did not damage it or leave any marks.

  9. Big chopper 79

    Better than a plastic rack that gets manky👍

  10. Jeff’s Favourite Amazon Customer

    Bought this to stop glasses steaming up and leaving condensation. It kind of works but a lot of the time glasses still steam and bowls are wet around the rim. The ridges aren’t deep enough so water that drips down from stuff you wash quickly makes puddles at the base. Also I’m not a fan of the logo or the random hole in the middle, size is good just shame it doesn’t work well.

  11. John U

    this us a good quality silicone drain mat or hot pan support mat.

  12. A. H

    Very good quality and much better than cheaper versions

  13. Jane S.

    Great item very good quality and Customer service. Reasonable priced. Better than others and I’ve had in the past.

  14. JB

    I haven’t used this large mat as a dish drainer yet as I’ve been using it for other things – it’s an excellent product and the colour is a true jet black which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve since bought two of the smaller mats from the same seller to stand my cafetiere and hot mugs on and have used these as draining mats, they are exactly suited to my needs. I rinse them under the hot tap and turn upside down on the draining board to dry – not a water mark in sight. Highly recommend these mats and the seller.

  15. Klaudia

    Great 👍

  16. Tegs

    I use this Silicone Dish Draining Mat under my dish drainer and it looks good and saves me having to wash the drainer constantly!

  17. wyldeflower

    This is just what I needed have been buying a different brand in white that stain and look nasty after a week or so these are perfect they are large wipe easy I have one on the working surface and its waterproof and one on the sink the quality is excellent the only negative thing I would say is the over large box they were sent in as they wont break so maybe a jiffy bag or something small may have done ..I might buy some more after xmas as I had a new working surface put in and don’t want it marked.

  18. Charlotte Foy

    This brand never disappoints, bought this to replace an ikea one that was constantly dirty.If you need a draining mat buy it!

  19. david brooks

    good quality

  20. JULIE

    This silicone drained may is very good,it very flexible and does a great job. I really don’t know if it’s heat proof because I have not put any not pans on to it. If they say it is ,I would be inclined to believe them.

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