WALK-IN DESIGN: The polycarbonate greenhouse means can help you grow and nurture plants all year round, protecting them from cold. Lean-to-wall design is space-saving. Our garden greenhouse is perfect for vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.

ADJUSTABLE ROOF: Sun room for plants with hinged panel with vent, adjusts to five different positions to suit you. Ensures lean to greenhouse inside is properly ventilated so the plants get all the fresh air they need. Integrated rain gutters on the bottom are effective for water drainage and collection.

UV PROTECTION: The hobby greenhouse’s UV-resistant polycarbonate panels allows up to 90% light inside, greenhouse polycarbonate helping to slightly shield your plants from harsh and damaging sun rays.

ALUMINIUM FRAME AND BASE: Sturdy material for large greenhouse’s extra strength, the conservatory is with a naturally durable and rust-resistant aluminium alloy structure, making it suitable for outdoor use. Four stakes included to pin into the ground.

SLIDING DOOR DESIGN: Easy to use, polycarbonate greenhouse with base allows you inside.


13 reviews for Walk-In Garden Greenhouse Aluminium Frame Polycarbonate – 6 x 4ft

  1. See.Sense.

    Having bought this greenhouse and assembled it successfully, I reread the reviews and there is a lot of truth in there and a lot of gripes by inexperienced builders. Here are my thoughts in no particular order:* it seems light, but when assembled is reasonably sturdy* it’s engineered to allow for a little slack, so adjusting as you go gets a better result* if you don’t find ikea easy, this isn’t for you* the instructions are clear, but do make sure you add extra bolts as indicated to the rails, otherwise you’ll be disassembling sections to add them in later (which is a pain)* most sections can only go one way, but the angle bracket near the door is the exception – the hole isn’t in the wrong place, you fitted it incorrectly* the gutter requires clearance to slide in, so plan citing carefully* the door only goes one way around* for a couple of sections you’ll need a second person to hold uprights vertical as they will otherwise bend under their own weight* forget fitting the polycarbonate on a windy day, it’ll break your heart* I did the groundwork and aluminium up to shoulder height in around 5 hours and on the second day completed it in around 4 hours* every piece is clearly marked and you get spares of the fasteners that you will inevitably drop here and there (a nice touch)* the edges are extruded and cut and therefore very sharp, but once assembled they are mostly covered by clever designHope this helps. I live in a high wind area too, so if I haven’t updated this review, it’s still standing!

  2. Amazon Customer

    I don’t think I can remember ever being so frustrated in all my life as I was building this green houseI think it should have more in the way of writing in the instructions was not impressed but it is up nowjust got to plant it up now.

  3. Naomi

    Nothing fitted together properly and it is so flimsy … we couldn’t be bothered packing it up and mitre glued it in the end … if your thinking of buying this really … don’t bother.

  4. john a wright

    far flimsier than expected

  5. Bob

    5 STAR rating!! If four stars is shown anywhere on this review it is due to clicking on the link in the e-mail requesting a review and is not my opinion.The greenhouse arrived in 2 boxes, one with the poycarbonate panes and the other had all the rest. the instructions are with the panes.The instructions are clear and well organised drawings with blow-ups of the important points. If you follow all the steps as layed out any hicups should be minor. I didn’t and that was were it was a matter of 2 steps foreward and 1 back. All part of the fun of a build like this.One point I’d like to make which I hadn’t seen anywhere in the instructions, I might have missed it skimming through, is to be sure you have enough clearance at one end of the greenhouse to slide in the guttering and vent window. I had to saw off a substantial branch from a magnolia to get the gutter into it’s slot.Finally, don’t believe the claim that it will take 2 people 2 hours to assemble, 🙂 . If you’ve both built a dozen of these before then maybe. I did it on my own and it’s take a few days, although that does include ground and wall preparation.Recommended purchase, enjoy.


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     As stated in the other reviews it’s a real pain to assemble. It feels sturdier than I was expecting, I sealed the windows with silicone for a bit of added support. Overall I think it’s good value.

  7. e freeman

    I think it would take 3 persons the hours allotted just to work out the fitting together prior to starting the challengeI fitted it on my own however it took quite a long time to fix and problem with the window has not been fixedHowever, my wife is happy

  8. Tony FrostTony Frost

    Seen loads of bad reviews but thought we’d give it a try, every part is clearly marked, instructions though only pictures with the part no.s on are fairly straightforward to understand, took me on my own approx 4 hours to complete, screwed it to the wall and it’s absolutely solid, very pleased.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Instructions not that easy to understand & it tells you where the extra nut & bolts go after it’s been put together

  10. vanessa Davies

    2-3 people 2 hours rubbish more like 3 people 4-5 hours, instructions are useless, items are numbered wrong, covering on the Perspex is on the wrong side, would never recommend, terrible

  11. Amazon Customer

    Speedy delivery, earlier than expected. Not enough information to show door could not be transposed, other greenhouses I have erected for business and myself have had universal parts to enable door to hang either end. I phoned for clarification call was answered quickly but unable to provide any help. I managed to achieve changing the door to the other end with difficulty, this would have been impossible without my previous experience.The instructions were very vague, as there was no indication of how many bolts to put into each channel. This meant I had to keep taking channels off and on to get correct number of bolts in.Overall I am pleased with the greenhouse which I feel was good value, it’s a shame about the door and some vague instructions.

  12. gordon l dobson

    They do not give proper and full instructions. It does not state that the uprights do not touch the wall, as the roof sticks out to much. And as for two people to assemble it in two hours is the biggest joke ever.

  13. Pauline

    make sure you have lots of shelter mine neary took off last storm we had might not have seen it again if not much shelter

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