Make getting to those hard to reach sockets a thing of the past with our clever Foot Switch. Simply plug the main unit into the socket and place the robust foot control in a convenient position to operate any appliance. With a generous 1.6 metre lead, the Foot Switch can be placed just where you need it – whether running under the sofa or from behind that awkward sideboard. Useful LED indicators let you know at a glance when the power is on. The Foot Switch is a great solution for anyone with reduced mobility and includes a useful adhesive pad to allow the control to be wall mounted.

  • Easy foot control for any mains appliance
  • Ideal for those who struggle to bend to reach the wall socket
  • Easy to use
  • Simply plug in and go
  • Generous 1.6m lead

8 reviews for Foot Switch Plug Adapter for Electronic Devices

  1. Tony Nuts

    Like a lot of the other reviews stated – the switch isn’t white like the picture, it’s black with a blue light that shines when active….Which I’m very happy about! It matches the assortment of black plastic switches that I have surrounding it, nothing like keeping to the colour scheme now is there?The switch itself feels sturdy enough and has a very similar feel to the foot switch of a floor lamp I own. Might buy some more of these for other hard to reach electricals I have around the house (especially for Xmas tree lights this time of year!)

  2. stephen hayes

    This is an excellent product providing that it is treated properly. If you have it on the floor it will eventually break, being stamped on regularly. If you desk mount with adhesive pad supplied it is prefect as a hand switch. Remember the value cannot ensure it is bomb proof.

  3. Mr.& Mrs.Biscuit

    Does what it should.

  4. Paul A Frost

    Excellent in every respect

  5. Kindle Customer

    This a brilliant gadget for my mother in law, who, due to arthritis, is unable to bend or stretch to put her standard lamp on. It arrived quickly and does the job required with no fuss, would highly recommend.

  6. Bazza

    Good switch for small projects and safe to use.

  7. 2drk2c

    Saves bending and reaching if you have something plugged into a hard to get to wall socket but you need to be able to switch it on/off

  8. Claire Booker

    Better to use and saves resources when leaving on standby this product turns power off and on brilliant

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